“Happiness” -how to stay happy and calm all the time.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Being Happy, especially all the time is a very difficult task, but at the same time I call it the art.

Keeping your brain on the levels where it becomes immune to sorrow or pain, could be a saint’s guide towards life, but for the common people like us, it is definitely not an easy one.

If you look around, every day we play so many roles in our lives, like you could be a Mom or Dad, and same time you are Employee or Employer as well.

We are always, someone’s loved one, some bodies professional circle and some one’s neighbor or friend. With these many roles on our platter, no wonder it is challenging to be always in right mindset to be Happy!

Happiness often comes from within. Learn how to tame negative thoughts and approach every day with optimism. For this first you need to conquer the Negative Thoughts.

It doesn’t mean that you need to avoid or stop thinking about them. It means that you need to acknowledge that yes—I have this problem or yes, I am struggling with this issue. Acceptance is the first step towards change.

Once you accept it, after that there are ways by which you can break down your problem, and at last the negative thinking. These ways are:

1- By writing it on the paper and reading it: This will trigger your brain storming towards solution. And when options pop up in your brain, mention them on same paper. In the end (you will see) that you have complete the list of solutions.

2- By taking deep Breaths: Looks a very simple exercise but it helps. While taking deep breath, we calm our mind, which leads towards break down on thought chain. And this simple process takes our brain out of negativity.

3- By writing about Affirmation: When we take out our thoughts on paper, which sometimes we are unable to accept, in public or to our self as well, then it gives us the clarity. Writing what all positive you still have with you, gives us the hope, and strength both.

4- By practicing Optimism: You may see that some people stay calm and positive in all situations. It doesn’t happen by chance, it’s a practice, and it can be achieved by any one, over the time.

So how to do this? Whenever you are stuck in any negative situation don’t think—why it happened to me? Take it as a challenge and in a more hopeful way, by saying, “This is going to be difficult, but it’s a chance to rethink my life goals and find work that truly makes me happy.” And thinking positive thoughts and surrounding yourself with positive people really does help.

5- By Spending time in Nature: We know that walking on quiet, tree-lined paths can result in meaningful improvements to mental health, and even physical changes to the brain. Sunlight also makes a difference. Many people experience positivity and good energy when they are close to nature. So just give it a try!

6- By Changing your Focus: Focus always on the journey, not the destination/ goals. Always try to work passionately. Put all your energy and hope for the best, strive for success but also enjoy the journey of Life. There may be some failures and sometimes things can go wrong as well, but that doesn’t mean that you lost. You learn many things on the go and it’s not at all a failure if you happily enjoyed the journey.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you, as they were and still are for me. Please let me know what methods you use? I will be happy to add them in next post. Do share this post on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter....

So Keep Going ! Push yourself ! Enjoy every day ! Stay Happy !

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